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Digilog Sound & Image

Audio Mastering since 1995

DSI is an analog mastering and restoration studio with 30 years experience and a console consisting of components curated over three decades. Like most dedicated mastering consoles, it is a singular instrument comprised of artisanal analogue equipment with distinctive “personality”. Carefully tuned circuits and tubes provide an incredibly rich musical presence and predictable control over the acoustic psychology.


If we have a speciality, its not a genre of music, it’s a genre of sonics. We are most impactful with highly textured dynamic music. This is often associated with folk and jazz, but in reality, it’s anything produced with complexity and color in mind. From the taste and feel of the fiddle strings to the thump and resonance of a dance kick… This is where our ears, room and desk shine. That’s what gets our juices going!

Send us a track and experience the difference.  In a world of AI and "all-in-one" plugins, this truly is different.

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