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The Desk

The most important aspects of a mastering room are the engineer and the listening environment, including speakers. But the centerpiece of our studio of our mastering desk.


Like most dedicated mastering consoles, it a singular instrument comprised of artisanal analogue equipment with distinctive “personality”. Components by Gryphn Audio, Anomod, and Sound Performance Labs employ carefully tuned circuits and tubes providing a rich musical presence and predictable control over the acoustic psychology.


The speakers are Kii Three’s, each employing 4 woofers in a cardioid pattern providing increíble accuracy and stereo imaging at both very high and extremely low volume. The purpose built studio is collaborated with the kii’s to be flat into the 20hz range.*


But the most important tool in studio is, well… me. See my about page for more on that “tool”. :-)


The studio is mesured at +/- 3db from 28hz-18.2kz. And +/- 6db from 20 hz - 20k hz

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